songWritinG camp 2019


Our writing camps are designed to aid and bring out the best songs from our writers. Every session is carefully crafted to bring out the sound that is in the writers mind.


With the help of local and international writers coming in from US, Canada and Malaysia, Zendyll Records produced 22 songs in 5 days to be sold. These songs featured a range of everything from Electro Mando Pop to Hip-Hop. 

In the week before Music Matters, we had 25 artiste and producers come into our studios for a writing camp. We ran 4 simultaneous sessions daily with different permutations of writers for every room.


Axel Brizzy, Artiste

The writing camp has been really interesting. Met new people, so i'm working with David Siow (m1ldl1fe), Lineath (Grizzle Grind Crew), Jason - everyone knows I'm working with Jason everyone knows but it's my first time working with Lineath and David and I think that it's very cool because they are from two totally different genres and we're just putting our ideas together and I think that it's very very beneficial and interesting and I hope that there's gonna be more camps like this in the future.

Benjamin Kheng, Artiste

The writing camp has been really fun! It's been very cool to see Singaporean writers from all across the sea, all walks of life coming in and just do stuff - almost seemingly random but not quite. It's very dope. It's very good to see people from Berkley, or other parts of the industry coming together, just catching up with friends is awesome.

iNCH, Artiste

The writing camp has been really fun! It's a very rare opportunity that we gather a whole bunch of musicians of like a variety of different genres that come together and write something for other than ourselves so it's been a very refreshing experience.